Microelectronics Technology Corporation Enters Into Joint Venture Agreement for Web Application Marketing Network Development.

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Microelectronics Technology Corporation Enters Into Joint Venture Agreement for Web Application Marketing Network Development.

MONARCH BAY, Calif., April 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Microelectronics Technology Co. (OTC-BB: MELY.PK – News):

Microelectronics Technology Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of a letter of Intent to Joint Venture with Fidelity Capital Partners of Nevis for the development of an industry specific Web Application Marketing Network utilizing Microelectronics Technology’s proprietary technologies such as DomainStutter.

The Web Application Marketing Network will be targeting the Web Applications industry that will be utilizing Cloud Data Corporations proprietary Sproq Network for their cloud hosting needs.

The web application market is set to explode over the next 3 years with the roll out of the Web Application concentrated  Windows 8 operating system by Microsoft.

The Development of a Web Application Marketing Network is essential to provide developers a secondary market place to market web apps for retail end users outside of the traditional venues such as the Windows Store or the Apple Store that require certain compliance issues in order to participate in one platform or another but not both. The utilization of the Sproq.com interface and Hosting will enable a seamless entry to market for Web App developers.

“We are very excited to be entering into a joint venture agreement with Fidelity Capital Partners for the development of this Web Application Marketing Network,” states Microelectronics Technology President Brett Everett. “The company is well underway to establishing the foundation of a vertically integrated Cloud Application Hosting company with significant growth opportunities in the near future.”

According to breathtaking new research from Microsoft, the result of a commission to analyst firm IDC, approximately fourteen million new jobs will be created by the year 2015, all of those jobs stemming from a swelling boom in cloud computing. Profits generated from such a boom in cloud activity to skyrocket to more than $1 trillion dollars within the exact same time frame. This combination of revenue heights and a shot in the arm to unemployment woes worldwide could potentially translate into an unprecedented shift in workplace structure. Readers, the take home figure is three years — the amount of time in which cloud’s significance will mushroom.

Sproq.com service is currently under development, with developmental servers and hardware already deployed. Sproq.com is scheduled for launch second quarter 2012 and Cloud Data Corp is planning for the first point of presence in Seattle, Washington.

A pre- beta launch sign up is available at www.sproq.com where invites will be sent out for our beta.

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