Cloud Data Corp has two product line ups. Dynamo Servers and Sproq Web Application Hosting.

Dynamo Servers


dedicated servers

Dynamo servers provides powerful cloud servers to clients and is the basis for the hardware architecture that is built on top of.

You get full control of your server. You can install and configure whatever you want using a web interface that gives you total control, as if you were physically in front of it.

All of our servers are housed in a high-end facilities in Canada and USA. We monitor all aspects of the environment in real time so you can be sure that we are on top of any issues.




We provide tools to build your web application in the cloud. When you deploy an application on our platform you get a level of service that traditionally required a lot of custom engineering and setup. No longer will you need to buy and configure servers, operating systems, services, and networks. You can focus on your application, and let us handle the rest.

Here are some of the reasons you should build your application on Sproq:

  • Automatic load scaling. As your traffic grows, Sproq will expand your resources to handle the load
  • Pay only for what you use, and only if your site is busy. If your site has low traffic, your hosting is completely free. You can also control how much we will scale your app
  • Integrated version control. We keep track of all changes, and you can inspect or roll back code as needed
  • We support a wide range of languages and frameworks. Build your application in Python, Ruby, PHP, or other languages
  • Testing and staging instances, so you can check your changes before deploying to production
  • Pre-built application services that you can use to create your application quickly